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On this page I would like to share with you, some of my assembly ideas/themes along with occasional other thoughts.  In many of my assembly theme I use a whispering or vent style puppet to indrouce the main topic of the assembly, followed by an fun retellling of a Bible story.


The puppet characters find themselves in situations that children might be in, introducing the theme in a way the children can really connect with. The Bible Story then considers the theme from a Godly perspective.


All the ideas in this blog are free for you to use and adapt, for work within your school ministry or other kids ministry.  If you do use these ideas in anyway, I would love to hear how it went. I would also love to hear about any improvements that you made. Please send any messages or stories through the contact page, thank you.

24 Nov 2014

Kato's Plastic Christmas

Kato wants to cancel cancel christmas!, because he has seen things that are just not right. He has seen plastic snow, plastic snowmen reindeer, plastic presents and even plastic plastic. He has even heard rumours about the man in the red suit. K...

6 Nov 2014

What can you see?

If I asked you, 'What can you see?', you would probably talk about the things that you can see around you. But maybe there is another answer to that question, more about that later.


Dudley: Sight Seeing 

Dudley the duck has been to lots of places during...

20 Oct 2014

What time is it?

If I asked you, 'what time is it?. You might say assembly time, school time, play time or home time, but I am not talking about that.  I am also not talking about lunch time, snack time tea time or even dinner time.  But I do want to talk about food....

9 Jul 2014


It is getting closer the end of another school year.  After the summer holidays things will all change, new classes new teachers and for some a whole new school. Some people might find them selves saying "Where am I?" Or even if things are really different...

2 Jun 2014

What is this?

I have a question for you today, but think about the answer, it might not be the answer you think it is.  (You can hold up any object, but during the World Cup a football is good.)  Ask the children to 'tell me about this'. You will hear many different ans...

2 May 2014


Razizi the meerkat says that he didn't get what he was hoping for, for Christmas. He looked under the tree all he saw was 'grass', (he was in the garden). When came back inside under the Christmas tree there were 27 presents, but just one for him ... and it...

1 Apr 2014


Kato the Lion has not remembered about his vist to school.  He has not remembered about assembly.  He has not remembered to have a story to tell averyone.  All he can remember is yesterday, and all he remembered about yesterday is that is WAS yester...

30 Mar 2014


Kato the Lion has been invited to a party with a King. he is really excited. The food however will be chips and burgers, and fizzy pop. That does not sound like a royal banquet. But Kato is still excited to meet a King. But we don't even have a king in En...

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