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PAUL has been in full time Christian work since 1994, aiming to present the truth of the Christian message in an engaging way. He works with schools & churches locally and nationally, using the skills that God has equipped him with including; Storytelling, Puppetry, Ventriloquism, Juggling and even riding a unicycle. 


Ministry started for Paul in the Saltmine Children's Team. Paul is now a Director of Children Worldwide, inspiring excellence in Children's work. He also works as a Counties Evangelist. 

Paul & his family are all active members of their local church, 

Amblecote Christian Centre. 


FAMILY: Living in the West Midlands; Paul is married to Vanessa and they have two Children. Paul spends his time outside of wor taking and collecting the children to and from; piano lessons, violin lessons, school band, art club, youthband and church various clubs. Paul also makes time for; long walks, cutting the grass, garden jobs, ironing (yes, that was ironing) and ... oh yeah, a decent cup o' coffee with Vanessa.


LOCALLY: Paul’s works primarily in primary schools, making connections with local churches. Paul currently visits 32 primary schools regularly, on behalf of a number of churches, leading whole school assemblies and RE lessons. Seeing around 10,000 children and staff each month. 


NATIONALLY: PAUL has worked on team at Spring Harvest and led the children's sessions at CCCF SBHR, along with many other church based events. Paul has also created The BIG & BOLD Roadshow, a fun family show ... with a Twist. Ideal for churches wanting an event that connects with families in the local community.


More details about BIG AND BOLD check out:


“Having had the privilege of both knowing Paul over several years now and observing his talent as a communicator, specifically with children, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with a serious desire to provide an excellent service for them!“

Paul Chamberlain

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