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School Work

The Church

"We have found Paul to be a great asset to our church in building relationships with local schools, children & families alike. His material is always fun & professional with a strong christian theme. I could unreservedly recommend him to anyone"


Craig Bennett

Upper Gornal Pentecostal Church

"Paul's professional approach and his well thought-out skilful communication to children has enabled him to build strong and sustainable relationships both with pupils and members of staff. 


Adrian Lowe

Amblecote Christian Centre

"Paul's assemblies are funny, exciting and engaging and retell a range of stories from the Bible & provide us with a deep underlying message for us all to reflect upon..”

Mrs K Beer, Head Teacher

Offmore Primary School

School website click here.

Paul works alongside a number of different churches, aiming to develope relationships with local schools. Paul will lead regular Bible based assemblies, as well as spending additional time in schools. Paul is often joined by a member of the local church that is looking to invest into local primary schools.


“How else would we reach over 400 children monthly, with Bible teaching?”

Brian Essex, Offmore Church, Kidderminster.


Paul’s vision is to connect primary schools with local churches, opening opportunites both in the school and church buildings. All of this can help to create great community links along with being a positive Chrisitan role model within the school.


The School in the Church

  • Along with the local church, Paul invites class/year groups to visit the church.  This fits in with school needs as part of their curriculum as an educational visit and is also a great local afternoon out for the kids. It can be a fantastic time showing the classes around the building, meetng some memebers, and talking through the reagular church activities.  

  • A Couple of the churches that Paul works with have also connected with the school choir, to host a Christmas Carol concert.  Why not invite your local school choir to a Sunday service or mid-week meeting? They need a place to perform.

  • Paul's own church is visited each Christmas by the local reception class of Brook Prmary. They sing Christmas songs hear the Christmas Story and hang their own hand made decorations on the church tree.


The Church in the School

  • Regular assemblies give the children opportunity to hear a Bible story and also it can put the church on the map.

  • Paul also makes time to visit classes to answer questions from the children about the Bible, church or what it is like to be a Christian. Along with a member from the church this can  

  • Along with church members have input into RE lessons and other PSHE lessons.

  • And even just being around the school is great for buiding all important relationships.


These activities are just a seletion of what Paul and many other school workers, across the country, do to invest into local primary schools. For other resources and ideas check out The Nation page or Paul's Assembly Blog page for regular assembly theme ideas.


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