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“Paul has for many years, enthusiastically and reliably provided relevant and well planned assemblies for our school.  He focuses on key themes of the moment, presenting moral and Christian messages to the children in a highly accessible, enjoyable and interactive way, frequently incorporating puppets and circus skills.”

Ms L. Cartwright, Head Teacher - Brook Primary School

Within seconds of arriving in school, Paul puts a smile on everyone’s face because both children and staff alike are always pleased to see him and wait in anticipation of what he and his puppet friend are going to share with us that day.  Paul's assemblies are funny, exciting and engaging and retell a range of stories from the Bible & provide us with a deep underlying message for us all to reflect upon.

Mrs K Beer, Head Teacher - Offmore Primary School

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"Paul always engages the children and keep them listening throughout each assembly. He presents bible stories and readings in an accessible way helping the children to understand the Christian message and how they can relate it to their everyday life. With the help of Kato the Lion and Dudley the Duck, Paul's assemblies are firm favourites with the children and he provides an excellent male role model too - always useful in primary schools!"

Mrs R Wylie, Head Teacher - Wrens Nest Primary School

“Paul has been a good friend to our school for many years.  His assemblies are fun and educational, bringing Bible stories to life in language that is easy to understand.  It is always a pleasure to sit and watch the sheer joy on the faces of the children as they listen to Paul and his friends.”

Mrs A Pell, Head Teacher - Hawbush Primary School

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