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The BIG AND BOLD Roadshow is a an action packed family show, aiming to present the Gospel in a contemoray way. The Roadshow includes; Puppets, Juggling, Ventriloquism and story telling, aimed at primary school age children and their families.


Will you church host a BIG AND BOLD Evening? Follow the show with BBQ or meal the evening can become an ideal time for great contact with those people on the edge of church.


The Roadshow has been already been used in many different ways: From helping to open a new building to conluding a week of Holiday Club. You could book BIG AND BOLD to tie in with your church celebration or kicking off a series of local events.


We currenlty have two themes: The 'ORIGINAL' show and 'A WORD IN YOUR EAR', with a third in the planning. Click the link for the Roadshow website or go to the CONTACT PAGE if you have questions that you would like to ask me..


Further details about BIG AND BOLD check out:

Free in your app store:

Aslide puzzle game and Gospel story read by Twist.  

Look out for BIG AND BOLD in your app store, Andriod, iOS and Windows 8. 

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