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First Things First.

My First Mobile Phone

I have been thinking about things you do for the first time, like my first mobile phone. It didn't have a big shiny screen, it was just big enough to jam a door open, or balance a table on. Phones today have got smart, with apps and games. Your first game today might be temple run, cut the rope, candy crush or angry birds. Why not demonstrate a game, on tablet or projected on the Screen. Or even show images of games and see if the children can guess the game. (The has a app called BIG and BOLD you could use. to demostrate.).

It is not ot always easy using an app for the first time unless you read the instrructions, or there is a someone to help show you.

Moses and the burning bush - Exodus 3

Doing things for the firs time is always a challenge it is easier if you have some one to help you. Its not just when you are young that you try things for the first time, In today's Bible story the man was nearly 85.

He was a shepherd up in the hills looking after sheep, when he saw that a bush had caught fire, this could be dangerous for the sheep. As he looked at it he saw a strange thing; it was on fire but it wasn't, it was burning up but it wasn't. He thought, "thats odd it's on fire but it's not, it's burning up but it isn't. And then as he stepped closer to check it out he heard a voice, "Moses."

Moose thought that this was odd, not only was the bush on fire but it wasn't, it was burning up but it wasn't it was now talking and it knew his name.

It was God talking to Moses, God said, "My people are the people of Israel."

Moses said, "I know."

God said, "My people are the people of Israel, are traped as slaves."

Moses said, "I know."

God said, "My people the people of Israel, are trapped as slaves in Egypt, and are being treated really badly and are crying out to me to rescue them, so I am going to send you to rescue them,"

Moses said, "I kn ... Pardon."

Moses didn't think he was the right person, but remained him that he grew up in Egypt and the ideal person to talk to Pharaoh. But Moses still thought he couldn't speak, but God had already sent along Arron to join Moses. And if Moses still wasn't sure God turned a stick into asnake and healed a diseased hand to reassure Moses.


When we do things for then first time it is alway great to know that someone is around to help and support. Also like Moses we can remember that God is interested in all we do, like those thing we do for the first time.

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