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Where am I?


It is getting closer the end of another school year. After the summer holidays things will all change, new classes new teachers and for some a whole new school. Some people might find them selves saying "Where am I?" Or even if things are really different they might say, "Who am I."

Where at the Fair

You all know the duck in the suit case. Dudley the duck has been to the fair. But he is not sure that he liked it. He went on the waltzers, that he describes as, "Those spinny go round things." He said they went so fast that by the time he got off the ride he didn't know where he was. He also went into the hall of mirrors. The was this other duck every where he looked. Somebody told him it was his reflection. But he still didn't know who he was.

Adam and Eve disobey God - Genesis 2

The Bible says that God had created the world, all of it, everything. Light, dark, sea, sky, land, plants, birds fish, animals and people. And that is where things changed, God's perfect world was changed for ever. The first man and woman, Adam and Eve lived in a place called Eden that God had made for them. All was good. God said to them live, eat and enjoy. All the fruit mad veg in growing Eden was for them to eat . . . However God said He had just one little rule, the fruit on the tree in the middle of the garden, if they ate that it them they would die.

You know when you're told not to do something, and you want to donut anyway? Well Adam and Eve found them selves near the tree. High in the branches of that tree, the devil disguised as a snake spoke to eve. "I ssssay good morning, have you ssssseeen thissss, juiccccy, tassssty delicioussss fruit?" Eve speaks to the snake and explains that God has said if they eat the fruit the will die.

The snake relplies, "are you ssssure? Maybe God won't even noricccce a ssssmall tasssstr."

So Eve takes the fruit, Eve takes a bite! She hands the fruit to Adam, who is also there. Adam takes the fruit, Adam takes a bite. God's one little rule is broken, Adam and Eve know it, God knows it. The rule was if they ate the fruit they would die, and hey did. Not for a long time, but they did die, maybe God's plan was that they would live longer. Adam and Eve are sent out of the perfect garden in Eden. Probably wondering where they are, who they are and how it all happened.

Because of things they had done Adam and Eve ended up somewhere different. How we love our life today will affect what we do and where we go. But it won't change who we are. The Bible says that we are people made in the image of God. We might find ourselves in different places, but we can all be confident that we are a special part of God's creation.

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