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The Real Christmas

Kato's Plastic Christmas

Kato wants to cancel cancel christmas!, because he has seen things that are just not right. He has seen plastic snow, plastic snowmen reindeer, plastic presents and even plastic plastic. He has even heard rumours about the man in the red suit. Kato said that it is not real, it is all just plastic. But Christmas is real, it is about a very real event that people have celebrated for a long time.

Fairy Tale Christmas - Matt 1 & Luke 2

This story all starts in Nazareth. Nazareth is where Mary lived at the start of the story. Let me tell you about Mary, she was a beautiful princess, she had a beautiful dress and lived in the tower of the castle in the middle of Nazareth…?? (the children usually help to correct this little error.)

Mary was planned to get married to a handsome prince called Joseph…?? (the children need to help with this on as well)

Now at that time the Romans were in charge of the area and they wanted to count everyone, a census. This meant that everyone had to travel to the place that their family was from. Joseph's family was from Bethlehem. So to get there they jumped in Joseph's Ferrari ..?? (and this one) no a motorbike..?? no wait it was a helicopter…??

By the time they arrived in Bethlehem the place was full, I mean it was Christmas. But Joe found a room a a five star hotel..?? four star, three star, two star, oh please tell me there was one star in the story..??

While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born. The baby, that the Angel had told Mary about. And because Joseph was a carpenter he made a fantastic four poster bed, with curtains, names carved.., ??? . . . A FEEDING TROUGH!!!

You lot have ruined this story, it was supposed to be real exciting, I wanted a Prince/Princess, Castle/car chase, Helicopter/hotel. But all we have is a baby in a feeding trough. Well maybe you can tell me what makes this so exciting..??

Hopefully the children will come up with answers like; it was all about Jesus, Jesus was the baby, Jesus is God’s son. It is good to praise the children’s answers and repeat them to everyone can hear.

Kato's Plastic Christmas - Part 2

Kato returns amazed at the reality of the story, and he decides that he is not going to cancel Christmas, infact we should do our best to remember the real story of Jesus birth.


Your Christmas might be a real exciting time with real great presents and real tasty food. But don't forget that Christmas is about a very real event, Jesus, God's son born on Earth. Not a fairy tale, but really, real.

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