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A Donkey on Palm Sunday


Kato the Lion has been invited to a party with a King. he is really excited. The food however will be chips and burgers, and fizzy pop. That does not sound like a royal banquet. But Kato is still excited to meet a King. But we don't even have a king in England, Kato thinks the king is from a foriegn country called 'Burger'. He has got confused.

Jesus Enters into Jerusalem - Luke 19

The character in today's story gets very confused. He is with his mum just eating straw. Don't be confused, he is a young donkey tied up near his mom. This young donkey spots two funny looking donkeys heading his way. They are walking on two legs and wearing clothes? They lead him off up a hillside, where he mets a whole group of funny looking donkeys! But before he had time to be confused a coat landed on his back, but before he had time to be confused about that a person sat one his back. Then he was being lead down the hill to the city, and in through one of the city gates, to see a great crowd of people looking in his direction. Everyone was cheering shouting, "Halleluiah," "King of kings" & "glory to God." 'Maybe it;s all about met.' Said the Donkey, but then he looked again, everyone was actually at the person on his back. 'King of kings, on a donkey?'


The donkey may have been confused but we can know some facts: Every donkey has a cross marked on its back. As Jesus rode the donkey in to Jerusalem in front of Him was a cross (on the donkey's back). About a week later what was also in front of him was a very different cross. Jesus the King of kings.

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