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Who am I?

What is this?

I have a question for you today, but think about the answer, it might not be the answer you think it is. (You can hold up any object, but during the World Cup a football is good.) Ask the children to 'tell me about this'. You will hear many different answers (ball, football, world cup ball, globe, Sphere, sports equipment.). You can combine some of these answers, see how rediculous you can be. Wrapped in shiney paper it is also a present, delivered by postman it is a parcel. Of course all of the answers are correct, it does depend on how you see the object. Sounds impossible right? ...

A little sentence in the Bible says, 'What is impossible for man is possible for God'. More about that later ... But first a question from Jesus ...

Peter's Declaration About Jesus - Matt 16

Jesus asked his close friends, often called the disciples, a question he said, 'who am I?' They said, 'Are you joking? We know who you are.' Jesus repeated 'Who do people say I am?' Diferent people saw and remembered Jesus differently. Some people remembered his stories, He was a great story teller. Some remembered how he healed people and did miracles, He was a miracle worker. Others just followed Him because Jesus was a great leader. Then Jesus looked at the disciples and asked them again, 'Who do you say that I am?' It was Peter, (it was always Peter), who spoke up and said, 'You are Jesus, the Son of the living God.' Jesus said, 'You are right, you know this because God has told you.' Peter was saying that Jesus was a man and God at the same time. Sounds impossible right? ...

The Bible says, 'With God anything is possible.' this does not mean we can all fly or become chickens, but it does mean we can do anything that God wants us to do.


The Bible says God made the world, and we have all been made individual and unique. You might be a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a pupil or a friend. We have also been given skills to be able to do the things that help make us who we are.

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