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Razizi the meerkat says that he didn't get what he was hoping for, for Christmas. He looked under the tree all he saw was 'grass', (he was in the garden). When came back inside under the Christmas tree there were 27 presents, but just one for him ... and it wasn't what he hoped for. He held it, looked at it, took the paper off. But it wasn't what he wanted. He was hoping for a a new baby sister. They don't usually come wrapped in paper and under a tree. "You dont always get what you hope for" Then Razizi suddenly says it's time to go, even though we are hoping that he would stay a little longer. But he says "you don't get everything that you hope for".

Jesus heals a sick woman - Luke 8

How long could you hope for something? A week? A year? How about 12 years? That is how long one lady had been waiting for the thing she had been waiting for. She had been desperately ill for 12 years (who's 12 hear? Oh yeah no one). She had been ill for your whole life and longer. Hoping that family or home remedies would help. No. Hoping that doctors or medication could help. No. No. She was on her a last hope until Jesus arrived in town and her hopes were renewed. She hoped that if she could just get through the crowd to see Jesus. She was just in time to see Jesus was already talking with somebody else, but not just anybody else, this somebody else was Jairus one of the temple leaders, well known in the town. For The old lady there was still hope. She decided of she could just step into the crowd as Jesus walked past and just touch the edge of his coat then her hope would become reality. She stepped into the crowd, reached out her hand and just touched the edge if Jesus coat then it happened. I don't know of it was a tingling feeling, a rush of power or a sudden POW!!! But she knew she was healed.


Because of Jesus, a lady was given a hope for the future, she stepped forward and reached out. Sometimes just hoping is not enough, sometimes we need to step forward and reach out and do something that will HELP MAKE HOPE HAPPEN.

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