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Stop - Think - Thank

What time is it?

If I asked you, 'what time is it?. You might say assembly time, school time, play time or home time, but I am not talking about that. I am also not talking about lunch time, snack time tea time or even dinner time. But I do want to talk about food.

Kato @ milk.con

To help me think about food I have brought in Kato the Lion to tell us what he likes. He looks at the children and says,"Lunch!" then he talks about his favourite drink, milk. He tries to stop and think where milk come from. He says a bottle then the fridge then the shop. But I mean before all of that. I tell him I am thinking about a farm, a place, with animals. And he comes up with chickens. The children help him discover milk is from cows. Then Kato says that the cows take the farmers tractor and pop down to the shops.

Jesus feeds 5000 - John 6

Today's Bible story is about sharing, and the star of the story is about your age. He went out for the day, up into the hills. Not to see the views, hear the birds, or smell the fresh air. No he was listening with thousands of other people to Jesus. They listened all day to what Jesus had to say. As he was listening this lad heard another sound, his stomach was grumbling. He had some bread and fish, but wondered what others were eating, but nobody else seemed to have any food with them. Jesus also knew people were hungry, he told his disciples to give everyone food. They said, "But do you know how long it would take, to earn all the money, that is enough to to buy all the food, that is enough to feed all the people who are here (5000)? I guess you do because you are Jesus."

Maybe the boy heard what Jesus said and went to find one of the disciples. "Mister, give this to Jesus He'll know what to do with it out." Andrew looked to see 5 small bread rolls and 2 little fish. "do you know how many people are here?..." The food was put into the hands of Jesus, and in the hands of Jesus the most amazing things happened. Jesus stopped and prayed, saying thank you to God for the food, (it is also good for us to say thank you for what we have) then he asked God to bless the food. Then he shared the food to people in groups of 50 or 100 sitting on the grass. Everyone had enough.

5 thousand people - 5 bread rolls - 2 small fish 5+5+2=12. There were 12 baskets of left overs. Even the maths in the Bible works out.


When we consider all that we have and enjoy we should, stop for a moment, think about other people and also say thank you for what we have. STOP - THINK - THANK.

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