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"The Real Easter"


Kato the Lion has not remembered about his vist to school. He has not remembered about assembly. He has not remembered to have a story to tell averyone. All he can remember is yesterday, and all he remembered about yesterday is that is WAS yesterday. Then he remembers that he has a box in his box. It is an Easter Egg box. And this box remind him of something very important . . . that he is . . . hungry!!


Taking apart an Easter Egg can remind me of some other important things. Firstly the cardboard box, that might get recycled, reminds me of a story that get tols year after year. The Easter Story. Insdie the box, the shiny paper often says there is something special, this remind me that the Easter story is really special. Inside the shiny papar is some chocolate, but I am going straight inside, to see that the chocolate is EMPTY. This reminds me of the people who were friends of Jesus and how empty they felt watching Jesus arrested and crucified. It also reminds me of the tomb where the body of Jesus was placed and how it was found empty a few days later. And then of course there is the choclate egg itself which remind me of New Life.


What ever creature is growing inside and egg, chick, penguin or crocodile, an egg is great symbol of New Life. Christian belive that God brought Jesus back to life, the greatest story of NEW LIFE.

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